Elegant Trash was formed in 2003 by Lee Austin Hoffman on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Trez Howell on Lead Guitar, and Mike Perez on Drums while living in Atlanta, Georgia. For the first 8 years, they performed live and recorded 23 EPs together. In 2011, Lee moved to Berkeley, California where he played with many different band members and recorded an additional 13 albums while keeping the same band name. Elegant Trash’s musical style is eclectic and evolves with each new band member’s influence. The current line up consists of Lee Austin Hoffman on Lead Vocals, Nathalie Hoffman on Back Up Vocals and Accordion, Jesse C. Dienner on Guitar and Vocals, Craig Campbell on Bass, and Mark Pena on Drums and vocals. Before the pandemic, Elegant Trash played at over 40 venues throughout the SF Bay Area, and was the resident band at the Stork Club in Oakland, California where they headlined shows every first and third Friday of the month. Now Elegant Trash hosts outdoor shows the first and third Saturday of every month along with other bands as part of Bang the Bay’s Solar Van Saturdays live music series. Their music is available online on reverbnation, bandcamp, applemusic, spotify, pandora, soundcloud, and youtube. “Rocking Faces” is not just the name of one of their albums, it’s a way of life.